Top 10 Safari Lodges in Zambia

5. Zungulila Camp


Zungulila Bushcamp is on the Kapamba River in Luangwa. With four thatch-roofed safari tents, this is a small and intimate camp that is perfect for small groups. With numerous springs attracting wildlife to the area, the primary activity at this camp is walking tours through the shallow waters, but they also offer drives. The camp is lit by lanterns and candlelight, as there is no electricity, making it feel even more secluded. Enjoy the plunge pools at the end of a hot day.


4. Islands of Siankaba


the Islands of Siankaba resort is on two small islands about 24 miles up the Zambezi River from Victoria Falls. Seven secluded chalets offer five-star service at this luxurious resort. The facilities include a swimming pool and spa, and the central lodge includes a lounge and dining area. The resort offers guided tours of Victoria Falls, trail walks, sunset cruises on the river, fishing, and bike tours.


3. Tafika Camp


Tafika Camp takes us back to South Luangwa, where they offer 6 chalets on a grassy peninsula above the river under a canopy of lead trees, sausage trees, and mahogany. The camp has the usual driving and walking safaris, but also offers biking tours, and the owner will take you up in his microlight at sunrise for a new and beautiful perspective of the park. The chalets are made of natural materials and the showers are open to the sky. The kitchen is supplemented with veggies grown in their own garden. On safari, you’re likely to see leopards and lions, antelope and elephants.


2. Busanga Bush Camp


Busanga takes us to Kafue National Park, with big open plains, vast herds, a large lion population, and the opportunity to see cheetahs. The camp is hidden away in an island of trees on the Busanga Plains – 4 safari tents and a lodge area for dining and relaxing. The camp offers day and night rides, as well as hot air balloon rides out over the plains. As the plain dries up after the rainy season, oceans of mist rise off the ground in the early morning making for some spectacular sights. Kafue is also a bird watchers paradise, with some 490 different species.


1. Mfuwe Lodge


The number one spot on our Top 10 list has to be the amazing Mfuwe Lodge. Situated in the most prolific game area of the Luangwa Park, the lodge boasts a lagoon which is regularly visited by hippos, buffalo, antelope, and giraffes. There are 18 thatch-roofed chalets, and the central lodge has a swimming pool, library, and spa in addition to the dining area and lounge. The real draw here, though, is the elephants. From late October to mid December the wild mango tree next to the reception area draws a local herd of elephants. Undaunted by the building in the way, they simply walk right through it to reach the fallen fruit on the other side. What better way to experience the majesty of these animals?

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